All the works, represented in this part, are created with the help of computer, in vector graphics. The computer graphic (DIJITAL ART) isn’t already news, but as its creation in vector graphic, to my mind it’s rather original.

See the detailed description about VECTOR GRAPHICS in ARTIST STATEMENT.



You know, it seems to me I have got de ja vu.

No it does not seem, I really have.

Yes, I do really have de ja vu.



. How everything happened or a story of a disease.


There is a small-small country somewhere. It has a long-long history. That’s Armenia. Christian, architect, designer, twenty years of study, contests, exhibitions " that’s me. Then journeys in Europe, job in Moscow, then Japan. Then...? Then Emptiness. That’s me, too. Then long nights before the monitor, when you do not see anything besides the glittering square. Digital Art. That means not to imitate traditional painting, to be based neither on canvas, nor on photography. That means to be extremely conceptual, uncompromised, "digital." No, they must be somewhere; you should only try to find them.



Then the incident. Her Majesty Incident.


From mare zero, from an empty space, an endless stream of images with a illusory shower overflew on me. They weaved together, penetrated into each other, formed patterns, split into parts, multiplied, disappeared like any organism. They were from quite a different world, where there was no material, no measures. Only a principle, a perfect, severe principle. But something else was the most interesting. The feeling that I had seen all of them. But where? When? It’s strange. No, I really have got de ja vu.



.Cured by an Incident


It was at the theatre. One of those images either embarrassed or rather impudent sneaked onto the stage, then squinted his eyes, because of the bright light and immediately disappeared off the stage. That was more than enough.

I started noticing them at the street, through houses, on the bus, through faces. In galleries they leaked through paintings. But they especially liked to hide behind a white sheet of paper and sometimes grimace through the mirror. It depends on time. They are very sensitive to me. They notice the slightest shades of my mood. Or there is always probably one who plays me into tact. No, I don’t have de ja vu. I have just looked at the right side.


 Advice to Beginners or White Cunnings.


1. It’s easier to watch them at night when the curtains are raised.

2. Do not try to foresee them. They will take it as oppression and disappear forever.

3. Seize then in pile (I mean in chain).

4. It is hard to start, or rather do not feel too inspired, they will capture you.



.About Curing Works.


So, these are not photos elaborated by a digital method.

This is not a product which is the result of being overeducated on the basis of traditional art.

This is not the imitation of traditional painting.

This is an uncompromising pure digital art.


They are the real product of vector graphics. Thus, in difference with raster images, created by Photoshop or Paint, their measures are absolute. That’s not a sum of separate elements, but self-regulating, semi-illuminated, poly-layer structure, organism. Even while touching the most seemingly insignificant detail according to the principle of chain reaction, the whole structure, the whole complex rebuilds again. And the most important thing here is not to disturb that process of rebuilding, that transition to the other, the new balance of the new system. It is important here not to be attracted to “overdecorate” something, not to ”correct” anything without the permition of the structure itself, not to ”deceive” him. I behave just like that while working on a specific image. Though I do confess that my abstract works no doubt are more uncompromising, more of principle.

My method of painting gives birth to a spontaneous complete series of images from one and the same root. And that’s that series, which more fully and multi-boundarily illustrates that only, always slipping image.

You say - numbers?

If you knew how emotional they are, how they drive me crazy from time to time. 







Museum of Modern Art of Yerevan. 2 pictures (2004- 2009).

Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.




  ''Compuart'' magazine published in Moscow N3 of 2003.


 ''ANTARES PUBLISHING HOUSE''. Wall calendar, 12 pages  2009

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